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We showcased two new communications during the latest EFFoST Conference

BCC Innovation has participated in the 37th International Conference hosted by the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) in Valencia from November 6th to 8th. The central theme of this year’s conference primarily delved into the exploration of: «Sustainable Food and Industry 4.0: Towards the 2030 Agenda,» and it drew a significant audience, with over 850 participants in attendance and more than 200 presentations delivered.

Within the framework of this event, BCC Innovation’s researchers, Olaia Estrada and Telmo Puente, took the stage to present two communications on behalf of the technology center. The first presentation, titled «Exploring Gastronomic Formulations with Chitin Extracted from Tenebrio molitor Insects for Sustainable and Healthy Diets,» forms part of the outcomes derived from the collaborative INSEKNIOR project. This collaborative effort involved partnerships with Leartiker, Insekt Label, Ausolan, and ISEA.

The second communication presented at EFFoST 2023 carried the title «Oxidation Treatment of Quercus robur Leaves: Effect on Infusion and Kombucha Composition.» This presentation centered around fermented beverages crafted by integrating wild plants indigenous to our environment.