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About the project

What is LABe?

LABe was created to become a dynamic laboratory, a living lab for the invention, co-creation, prototyping and testing of new concepts, products, services and experiences in the value chain of gastronomy, adding the technological component.

We are talking about a unique environment located within the prism in Tabakalera, the International Centre for Contemporary Culture located in San Sebastian – Donostia, Gipuzkoa, which allows us to observe, measure and evaluate real solutions for the market, promoting initiatives that respond to the needs of users and add value to the lives of people and the planet.

A space where the interaction between people, gastronomy and technology is key. A real setting to foster this interaction, with kitchens and prototyping and equipment usability spaces, or an experimental room that will create immersive, stimulating and memorable experiences, using technology.


Gastronomy is made up of a value chain that goes from the product and its transformation, its preparation, the equipment and technology, to the diner. Today it is more necessary than ever to integrate the quality, the sustainability of the products and processes with the impact of technology and digital media.

LABe will integrate experimentation and the development of new technological solutions throughout this chain, with the aim of promoting new business projects, la digitisation of the HORECA sector and the R&D of companies. An ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship that will attract and foster the talent of start-ups and global and local businesses, with the aim of building bridges between the different stakeholders of the value chain of gastronomy.

Experimental restaurant
LABe will also have the LABe Restaurant, a restaurant open to the public for experimentation and learning, where chefs and diners will try new gastronomic concepts, products, foods, devices or technologies. A space where in addition to being participants in the transformation of gastronomy, the aim will be to offer personalised experiences that combine pleasure, health and knowledge.


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