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LABe Expert Network

About the project

On February 24, the 1st meeting of the LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab Network of Experts was celebrated. Some of the members of our international network of professionals got together with the aim of sharing their perspectives on technology, gastronomy, innovation and entrepreneurship. This committee has been created to promote knowledge exchange, connection, international collaboration, as well as to broaden LABe and BCC Innovation scope.

The event was attended by Hitoshi Hokamura from Scrum Ventures, Brita Rosenheim from Better Food Ventures, Beatriz Romanos from TechFood Magazine, Amit Zoran from HUJI and Jennifer Marston from The Spoon, among others.

During this day, our experts reflected behind closed doors on what Digital Gastronomy is and what its future is; through different prisms such as nature and sustainability, human factor and work, culture and society or customer experience. Their conclusions are collected in ‘10 keys to Digital Gastronomy ’; a guide on the principles of success’ for businesses that are developing and / or adopting new technologies in the HORECA sector.


This guide was presented in Madrid the following day during the Digital Gastronomy & Hospitality Startup Forum held within the HIP 2020 congress. The conversation panel lasted approximately 40 minutes in which the experts explained each of the principles of success, providing examples of companies or startups that are revolutionizing the FoodTech sector.

This meeting will lay the foundation for an annual meeting held at LABe facilities with the aim of closely monitoring the sector and updating these principles of success. Within this framework, LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab is committed to keep researching and innovating in the gastronomic sector, offering resources and solutions for all involved agents.


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