About the project

Yogures Goenaga is a family-run business that makes Brown Swiss cattle dairy products. They have their own livestock and make yoghurts and other dairy products. The farmhouse where everything is produced is located in the rural area of Ibaeta, 3 km away from Ondarreta. With a family tradition of milk production, in 1983 they started to transform their milk into yoghurt.

Through this project, BCC Innovation offered advice to Goenaga for the revalorisation of their products: butterfat cream and yoghurt whey; with the aim of encouraging their consumption in the domestic gastronomic spheres. On the one hand, to foster the consumption and sale of butterfat cream, by developing simple applications that can be used at home. On the other, to promote the use of yoghurt to obtain yoghurt whey and solids in restaurants. Thus, the technique to obtain these products was explained in a simple manner. As a result, applications and preparations with each of these ingredients were developed in order to show their value and versatility.

Tarta de queso

Lemon Curd



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