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BCC Innovation is a Sectoral Technological Centre specialised in Gastronomy whose mission is to research and to generate knowledge applied to gastronomy and the culinary experience. This knowledge is transferred to haute cuisine professionals, to all those involved in the food value chain and to society as a whole.

The Centre has a multidisciplinary team: Chefs/Gastronomic Science graduates, degree holders and PhDs in Nutrition, Biology, Chemistry, Food Technology, Agricultural Engineering or Business Administration, among others. This team, and thanks to the joint work of all these different profiles, achieves highly innovative results that stem from an adequate combination between creativity and scientific – technological skills.

In general terms, the spheres of knowledge of BCC Innovation are structured into three fields:

  • Activities related to research into gastronomy and health, and gastronomy and the circular economy (sustainability). Here we should highlight the Project Gastronomía initiative, the aim of which is to visualise what our food system will be in the future, in order to design strategies that enable us to keep ahead of these changes.
  • Culinary innovation, designing and developing new products with high gastronomic value for the food and restaurant industry.
  • Entrepreneurial activities, with which we promote projects that transform the gastronomy value chain and foster the creation of new companies with a technological foundation. To this end we have two core projects: LABe – Digital Gastronomy Lab, an open innovation Living lab to experiment, co-create, test and raise awareness about new products, services and experiences in gastronomy and the HORECA sector, and Culinary Action! a food start-up accelerator.

To contribute towards the transformation of the gastronomy and restaurant value chain by offering differential knowledge to companies and governments for the design of businesses, products, services and public policies following principles of culinary quality, sustainability and health, with a local and global approach generating, ultimately, economic and social development.


In 2020 BCC Innovation seeks to be: The best knowledge centre in the world to contribute towards the innovation processes of companies and governments from the point of view of gastronomy and the culinary experience.

  • Generating disruptive solutions in the convergence between the worlds of cuisine, the chef and the consumer, design and technology.
  • Operating as a network, guaranteeing the interconnection with local and international stakeholders that contribute more value.
  • Generating differential knowledge and guaranteeing its rapid and adapted transfer.
  • With a marked customer focus and emphasis on service.
  • With quality, efficacy and efficiency.


BCC Innovation is the Technological Centre in Gastronomy of the Basque Culinary Center. Its mission is to develop the innovation potential of the food and gastronomy value chain.


Thus, we generate new knowledge and create and develop new products for the business sector while also promoting entrepreneurship. We transfer the red to society in general and to the industry in particular, generating socio-economic value.

To achieve this, we establish relationships with companies, customers, suppliers, Public Administrations and both national and international technological partners, fostering a networked approach.

The AIMS of the centre are:

  • To generate and transfer knowledge to the business sector and to society in general.
  • To actively promote the creation of new companies with a technological foundation in the sector.
  • To collaborate with other knowledge creation centres at an international level, which complement the BCCI, which reinforce the robustness of the innovation and research projects developed, while contributing towards establishing the BCCI brand in the market.
  • To work with stakeholders throughout the value chain of food and gastronomy.
  • To collaborate with the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences of BCC in the creation of knowledge and its transfer to society.


Likewise, BCCI establishes as its goal to contribute towards the efficacy and ongoing improvement of the management system.