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We participate in the Pangborn Sensory Sciency Symposium

Laura Vázquez Araujo, a researcher in the field of sensory analysis at BCC Innovation, took part in the 15th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium where she conducted a workshop titled «Sensory and Culinary Innovations for Health, Sustainability, and Deliciousness.» She co-led this workshop with Prof. Jean Xavier Guinard from the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Agnes Giboreau from the InstituteLyfe.

According to Vázquez, «our invited speakers chef Naïs Pirollet, Dr. Damien Vansteene, and Dr. Ratapol Teratanavat, provided a great overview on how sensory science could bring new data and/or contribute to improving the current food system from different perspectives.»

Meanwhile, Elena Romeo, a researcher specializing in sensory analysis at BCC Innovation, presented on the topic of «Exploring a Multimodal Approach for Sweetness Enhancement: The Sugar Flip Strategy for Sugar Reduction.» This subject is a component of a research initiative led by Dr. Jean-Xavier Guinard from UC Davis, conducted in collaboration with BCC Innovation as part of Romeo’s doctoral thesis at the University of California, Davis. It was moderated by Dr. Agnès Giboreau, Director of the Institut Lyfe Research and Innovation Center, along with Dr. Jean-Xavier Guinard, who is a professor and sensory scientist at the University of California, Davis.