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Exploring the ecosystem of The Netherlands

We have conducted visits to various companies, universities, research centers, and forward-thinking individuals within the food sector in the Netherlands, a prominent domain in global food innovation, with substantial influence, particularly in the agricultural sphere.

Our aim has been to comprehend the factors contributing to the success of this region as an innovation center in food, emphasizing the following aspects: the identification and delineation of challenges and common objectives across all segments of the ecosystem; collaborative utilization of repositories of knowledge, talent, and physical infrastructures such as laboratories and coworking spaces; financial support from public institutions; the guidance of visionary leaders; and the diversity of organizations congregated within the same geographical vicinity, facilitating the exchange of ideas and initiatives of disruptive innovation.

Moreover, we express confidence in our capacity to engage in collaborative endeavors on innovation and research projects with select stakeholders from this trip.

Wageningen University & Research, Kraft Heinz, Unilever, Start Life Accelerator, Studio Katja, Gruijters, Smaak Park, Estudio Marielle Bordewijk, Ecosystem Navigator and Maastricht University.