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About the project

Lately, consumption of products with a high content of added sugars and sweeteners has increased considerably, and this has been related to the increase of different food related diseases such as obesity. Also, an increase in the sweetness acceptance threshold has also been identified. Human being show an innate preference for sweet substances, and therefore the solution to reduce sweet foods consumption must include alternatives that do not underestimate consumers’ tastes and choices, lowering the acceptance threshold for sweetness. Food choice is a complex process in which the food, the person, and the context of consumption are important. IKERGOXO project focuses on studying the impact of the context of consumption on sweetness perception.

Determining the influence of the context on the acceptance and perception of a product can provide useful information on the mechanisms involved in food choice. Thus, based on the knowledge generated about the relationship between sweet stimuli, context, and perception, educational tools can be designed to promote healthier habits for the general population, or a particular consumers segment.

BCCInnovation, the technology center specialized in gastronomy of Basque Culinary Center, focuses its activity in generating scientific knowledge about “what we eat” and “how we eat”. Within this framework, the work line centered in investigating the sensory perception of food, and its relationship with food choice, aims to decipher drivers for motivating people to have healthier, more sustainable and more pleasant eating habits.

This project is financed by the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure of the Deputy Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Industry of the Basque Government.


  • Author: BCC Innovation
  • Published Date: 5 May, 2020
  • Category: RESEARCH