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About the project

INARSALUD is a project being developed by a consortium led by BCCInnovation team, in collaboration with Jakion and Ibermática.

The project focus on improving the nutritional quality of the foods and meals which can be found in the market and restaurants nowadays. A new advanced and intelligent solution will be developed, an algorithm with the capacity of recommending different ingredientes combinations for the reformulation of foods into healthier alternatives. The use of the algorithm will allow reaching the reformulation objective decreasing costs and with a higher efficiency, becuase the number of tests and reformulations will be significantly diminished. 

The project is being financially supported by the Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure through the 2018 Call for Research, Development and Innovation in the Agricultural, Food and Fisheries sectors.    


  • Author: BCC Innovation
  • Published Date: 7 May, 2020
  • Category: RESEARCH

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