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About the project

BCCInnovation is testing technology to determine the response of the brain (electroencephalography – EEG) to olfactory-gustatory stimuli (aromas & tastes).

BCCInnovation sensory analysis team is developing a project to study the implicit response to basic tastes such as sweetness, and natural aromas (e.g. vanilla), with the aim of identifying the emotional impact and brain response to these stimuli, usually associated with positive responses. Thanks to the collaboration with the technology development company ANT-Neuro (The Netherlands), BCC’s research team is testing an innovative and friendly electroencephalography equipment, appropriate for use in the field of gastronomy. The results of the study will help in identifying appropriate methodologies for conducting studies in the field of neuroscience-gastronomy, in addition to determining response patterns linked to the exposition to sugar and aromas, which could favor the development of healthier and more adapted products to consumers’ liking.

The use of this technology is part of the Neurozaporea project, funded in the Gastronomy 4.0 program of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the project aims to provide clues about how the industry, through the knowledge generated, can increase the success of reformulated products to comply with the sugar reduction strategies proposed by the World Health Organization.

Gastronomy 4.0 program aims to promote the transformation of the Gipuzkoan companies belonging to the value chain of gastronomy, promoting the use of New Technologies and also Integral Innovation (product, services, management, processes, industrialization, etc …), anticipating its impact and defining new business and management models, and promoting the generational change in the sector and its leadership at the international level.


  • Author: BCC Innovation
  • Published Date: 5 Mar, 2020
  • Category: RESEARCH