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About the project

Multisensory strategies focused on the consumer for sugar reduction in food through perception and personalization

BCC Innovation leads the development of this project whose main objective is to generate knowledge about the potential multimodal tools that could be used in the design of experiences and foods that satisfy the demand for “sweetness” of consumers, while reducing the consumption of sugars (e.g.: added sugar to coffee, added sugar in processed foods), as well as generating knowledge related to the process of choosing food at different stages of a person’s life.

(-)GOZOA4LIFE project delves into this area to encourage administrations to come up with new ideas for the design of plans that promote a healthier and more sustainable diet, as well as to benefit society in general, providing knowledge that allows addressing a topic as crucial as the choice of foods tailored to the tastes and needs of different people. In addition, the findings will provide important keys to favor the reformulation and directed and appropriate communication of new foods, directly benefiting the food industry and the HORECA channel.

The project is funded through the Gipuzkoa Science, Technology, and Innovation Network Program of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council’s Department of Economic Promotion, Tourism, and Rural Affairs.


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