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BCC Innovation researchers share their knowledge at SEASONED Research Project Summer School

Laura Vázquez and María Mora, researchers from the sensory analysis area of BCC Innovation, have recently participated in the Summer School organized by the European research project SEASONED, within the framework of Horizon Europe (HE) Twinning, that took place at Miguel Hernández University of Elche. Laura Vázquez focused her presentation on the role that sensory sciences have in terms of quality control and development of new productsin food industry. In this sense, she spoke about different departments that use sensory analysis techniques and she mentioned the most used methodologies at different stages of the production process. For her part, María Mora talked about the potential of emotions beyond the study of consumer acceptance. She showed different methods for measuring emotional response, both implicit and explicit, underlining the usefulness of emotional lexicons. The Summer School was attended by students, researchers and food industry professionals from different nationalities, including BCC Innovation researchers Paula Torán and Jara Domper. During the five-day meeting, all the participants attended several conferences and had also the opportunity to take part in different workshops in order to increase their knowledge in sensory analysis as well to share their knowledge and professional experiences. The SEASONED project, led by Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, is funded by the European Union and counts among its partners with the Italian innovation consultancy REDINN and with leading European research institutions as the University of Southern Denmark, BCC Innovation and Miguel Hernández University, which has organized this last meeting.

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