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The research projects that BCC Innovation is involved in are aligned along two central axes: CIRCULAR ECONOMY/ SUSTAINABILITY and HEALTH, which clearly respond to the challenges that society faces today. By means of well-defined lines of research -but which also interact with each other-, BCC Innovation carries out work researching and transferring knowledge that includes the promotion of projects focused on:


  1. behavioural habits related to eating
  2. The identification of new sources of ingredients or the preparation of new, healthier foods
  3. Personalised gastronomy, customising people’s diets by studying their omic profile data, anthropometric features, tastes and habits, with the aim of designing tailored products
  4. Studying the interaction between the sensory features of food and the person: their influence on the product’s acceptance, the emotions generated and the population’s habits

Circular economy/Sustainability:

  1. The valorisation of by-products generated by the food and restaurant industry.


For the development of this research, we collaborate with other technology centres, universities and industry, creating consortiums the aim of which is to respond to society’s needs, understanding gastronomy as the core and an active tool to improve our lives.

In the field of research, we have an initiative called BCulinary Lab, whose aim is to identify the most cutting-edge and relevant techniques in the world of haute cuisine, to equip them with scientific knowledge and to transfer all the knowledge generated to the sector.


  • Project with the MIT Media Lab Open Agriculture initiative: development of a tool to ferment and revalorise waste.
  • Fermentation protocol manual for the development of products based on scraps.
  • Manual for the gastronomic reuse of waste.