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III Congreso de la Asociación Española de Profesionales de Análisis Sensorial

This past June, between the 26th and 28th, we hosted at Basque Culinary Center, the III AEPAS Congress, where more than 120 Sensory Analysis professionals of different nationalities gathered to exchange thoughts, new lines of research and explore new ways of looking at Gastronomy from the lenses of Sensory sciences – a common practice at BCCInnovation.

Thanks to the participation of prestigious international speakers, the event dealt with diverse topics such as Personalized foods linked to well-being, Food Quality, Sustainability and New Foods, always from the sensory science perspective.

During the 3 days, the discussed topics highlighted the importance of sensory analysis for both the food industry and for the gastronomy world. Guests of the stature of Michael Bom Frøst, Lisa Methven, Tormod Næs, Isolda Vila and Iñaki Etaio initiated the conversation, followed by more than 30 speakers from Spain, Mexico, and Portugal.