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The 7th Sustainability conference was organised at the Basque Culinary Center with funding from the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa, as one of the activities promoted during Sustainability Week.
During this edition, we gathered 
renowned specialists from the field of sustainability in relation to gastronomy, whose initiatives create a positive impact on different spheres of society.
The main goal of the event was to bring together the ideas that arise in different locations around the world to address and discuss the main problems, challenges and possible solutions we must face; and that the Basque Culinary Center, as a referential institution, should provide support for an open dialogue.
The conference was divided into two parts. During the first, the guest speakers gave brief presentations about their initiatives, the challenges they face and the solutions they propose to society. During the second part, there was a practical workshop promoted by BCC Innovation where they presented sustainability-focused lines of work through prototypes developed at the centre.
This event seeks to promote and create synergies between the different initiatives with the aim of create contact networks that can help give rise to collaborations in order to face the challenges of sustainability from the perspective of gastronomy.