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About the project

BccInnovation participates in the development of a project to reappraise the value of traditional and rarely used vegetable species, in collaboration with Azurmendi restaurant, Makro and Neiker.

The varieties to be studied are agricultural products that have an important cultural background in the Basque Country, but which have fallen into disuse or stopped being cultivated for different reasons: low productivity, replacement by more profitable varieties, etc. At present, these vegetables, sometimes with an important gastronomic potential, are difficult to find in the market.

The process of gastronomic reappraisal will be carried out using both traditional and avant-garde culinary techniques that could significantly increase the value of the resulting products. To accomplish this, the potential of the different phenological stages of growth will be investigated, determining the potential and highlighting the differential characteristics of each one of them. In addition, with the idea of emphasizing BCC’s sustainability principles, the project will strive for the integral use of the different parts of the plants.

In this way, the project will promote the generation of new value chains between farmers, the HORECA channel, and society in general, based on the enhancement of gastronomic value and the reappraisal of traditional cultivars of the Basque Country currently in disuse, favouring biodiversity, and contributing to avoid genetic erosion.



  • Author: BCC Innovation
  • Published Date: 29 May, 2020
  • Category: RESEARCH

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