Blanca del Noval: “The fermentation boom calls for knowledge, but also awareness”

On the 1st of March, Blanca del Noval, researcher from our culinary innovation team at BCC Innovation and expert in fermentations, wild edible plants and the revaluation of discards, took part in Kojicon (a virtual meeting where fermentation experts from all over the world share their knowledge).

During her speech, she emphasised the need to call not only for knowledge in this area, but also for awareness when it comes to dealing with fermentation, at a time when this topic is booming: The fermentation boom calls for knowledge, but also awareness. Being able to understand not only its technical or sensory part; but its connections with science, culture, economy, with issues that are related to health, environment and, after all, ourselves. That is why it is essential to broaden the understanding of the phenomenon in order to build the foundations for a more constructive, fair and resilient food system.”

This generation of knowledge and awareness takes time, as do the fermentation processes themselves. In relation to this, Blanca proposes a reflection on the treatment of fermentation in social networks, understanding that it is a double-edged tool: In part, they are a channel for dissemination with a great potential for impact. However, we must be cautious when transmitting or receiving information, as on many occasions, there is a tendency to distort, simplify and superficialise issues as complex as this one. Despite the fact that social networks encourage immediacy, we must be aware of the fact that

“Fermentation needs time:

time to be elaborated,

time to be studied,

time to be knowledgeable”

– Blanca del Noval